Why a Video?

Nothing quite compares to a video, for Weddings, it transports you back to that very moment and you will often remember more happy memories when you've watched it.

Video also provides value to your business and cause, it is usually the visual side to your project that captures the audience attention, and our main goal is to help tell your story effectively.

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About Your Filmmaker:

I have been making video projects professionally since 2011,                                                                                       I have studied film at University and have also been making my own short films since 2006.                                        My passion for making my own films as well as telling a story with every project fuels my interest.

I enjoy capturing the special moments in life, I have self-studied filmmaking so i've been able to use my talent           to bring happiness into many couple's special days, creating memories but also helping in giving more worth             to client's businesses or personal talent. I enjoy my job, and look forward to many more opportunities                       to give value to the lives of others with the power of filmmaking.                            

Age: 31

Hobbies: Writing Stories and Screenwriting, Making Films, Art and New Technology, Peace Activism, Meditation and keeping fit.